About Us

The Learning Groove was created by the author (Eric Litwin) and music producer (Michael Levine) of the first four Pete the Cat picture books. The Learning Groove uses music and movement to promote early learning with a focus on developing a child's music aptitude, motor coordination, social learning skills and language acquisition. 


The Learning Groove creates CDs/downloads which are educationally designed to be utilized in parent/child classes, preschool music and movement enrichment classes, preschool and early elementary classrooms or simply to rock out at home. The music is interactive and fun for children and adults. 


The Learning Groove began over lunch one afternoon when Eric and Michael discussed their shared interest in early education and music. They were soon creating music in the studio. With their unique experiences as educators, authors and musicians, Michael and Eric brought a fresh and enthusiastic perspective and approach to early education.


The company grew slowly with Michael and Eric as the only teachers. However word spread and the numbers of students and teachers started to grow. Now there are The Learning Groove teachers and classes across the United States and the world. 

At the heart of The Learning Groove is the philosophy that children learn best when they are engaged and having fun. And music and movement is the best way to achieve this. 


To learn more about Eric Litwin, visit www.ericlitwin.com

To learn more about Michael Levine, visit www.michaellevine.net.

 Eric Litwin and a happy drummer! 

Michael Levine and jubilant scarf dancer!