Parent & Child Music Classes


Parent and child music classes using The Learning Groove songs and stories are a joyful educational experience for your little learners. 


Children sing, dance, play instruments, shake eggs, beat drums, call and respond, clap, tap, laugh, skip, jump, pretend and learn!

Children also engage in musical interactive read-alongs in which they hear stories, sing, move, repeat words, rhyme and delight in books. 


Children develop their rhythm, pitch and melody, language skills, motor coordination, interpersonal skills, cultural awareness and preschool and reading readiness!


Research has shown that children who recieve early music instruction have increased overall academic achievement.  And that children who engage in meaning literary experiences are more prepared for school and reading.

Best of all, it is BIG FUN! 

The Learning Groove's Awesome CDs! 

FAQs - TLG Music & Movement Classes:


At what age should we begin?


Research shows us that the first years of your child's life are the most important for developing their musical abilities. It is also very important in the development of their language and reading potential. For both music and literacy the earlier you begin the better.  Many parents start their kids at around six to eight months. 


How much do TLG classes cost? 


Each teacher operates independently. They set their own prices and dates and times. Use the TLG Class Schedule to find a teacher near you and see their class information.


What ages do your programs serve? 


The Learning Groove parent & child music classes serve children newborn to age four. 


What will my child learn in The Learning Groove music classes? 


Rhythm, Pitch and Melody, Language Skills, Motor Coordination, Preschool Readiness, Creative Expression, Imagination, Print Awareness, Cultural Awareness, 

Interpersonal Skills, Love and Happiness.


How often do we attend class? 


The Learning Groove classes are given once a week. Each class is forty five minutes.


How many classes are in a session? 


Generally there are ten classes. However, this is up to each teacher and it may be less or more. 


What do we do in a typical class? 


In nearly every class you will sing, dance, play instruments, laugh, listen, read-aloud, jam along, march, chant, clap, wiggle, make stuff up, pretend, use rich language and explore and expand your child's amazing potential through the arts. 


Do we get a CD to accompany the class? 


Yes, you will receive one of The Learning Groove's CDs with every session. These are the songs you use in class. Each CD contains a customized selection of genres, key signatures, melodic patterns, tempos, rhythmic patterns, instruments and activities. In class, you learn the simple music enrichment activities that accompany the songs. Then, you listen to the CD at home to reinforce what you have learned. 


How do young children learn music? 


The most important learning strategy at this young age is the immersion and exposure to high quality music. Children learn by repetition, discovery and playful practice.