Training and License Fees

TLG Online Training Fee:  $250 per teacher taking the training. Only a certified TLG teacher may offer TLG classes. 


  • Includes 25 hours of video and 10 hours of reading instruction

  • All TLG songs & teacher tracks  (over 200 mp3s - worth over $150)

  • Detailed activity descriptions and training videos for each song

  • Free Online Resources for Families (lyrics, activities, coloring pages, videos, sheet music & more)


Annual License Fees:


Allows a TLG certified teachers to:

  • Offer TLG Parent & Child Music & Movement Classes 

  • Teach TLG Preschool Curriculum in schools

  • Present TLG songs in live performances

  • Access the TLG training and support website

The license may be help by: 

  • An individual teacher offering TLG classes at various locations

  • An organization (school, library, etc) offering classes at one location. 

  • An organization most purchase a license fee for each location they offer TLG classes at. 

Cost of the license is based on the maximum number of classes offered at any point in the year. 

  • Up to 10 classes per week, $ 100 a year

  • Up to 25 classes per week, $ 250 a year

  • Up to 50 classes per week, $ 500 a year

  • Over 50 classses per week, individualize prizing.