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I Love It
By Eric Litwin



I love it when you jump (JUMP!) like that 

You’re crazy fun like a blue (BLUE!) cat 

A blue cat in red (RED!) hat 

You know I love it when you jump (JUMP!) like that

I love it when you shake (SHAKE!) like that... 


I love it when you twist (TWIST!) like that... 


I love it when you jump (JUMP!) like that.





Dance & Sing (rhythm & motor coordination – all ages): Jump, shake & twist to the the music! You can either sing the response with your child (“jump!,” “blue!,” etc.), or for older kids try singing the lyrics yourself while your child does the response. 

Jam (rhythm, motor coordination, exploring instrument sounds – all ages): Get instruments and jam with the music 

Sing Around the House (imagination, creativity, language development - ages 2-5): Sing the song as you do things with your child throughout the day. For example, when brushing teeth, “I love it when you brush (brush!) like that...” 

Harmonica (instrument recognition – all ages): Play a harmonica along with the music, and let your child play as well. The best harmonica for this song would be one in the key of D major (for blues, a harmonica in the key a 4th up from the key of the song sounds best), or an A major harmonica can sound good too.

Coloring Page & Sheet Music

(Click image below to view, print or download)

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