Learning English as a Second Language

The Learning Groove's music and training empowers you to joyfully integrate music, language and literacy together. This is based on research but also just makes sense. Music, language, and literacy have so much in common. And all benefit from joyful early learning experiences. 


Co-founder Eric Litwin's best-selling picture books seamlessly interweave music and early literacy together. His books have won 26 awards for literacy, been translated into 17 languages and have sold over 13 million copies around the world. Eric brings his knowledge and passion for language development and early literacy to The Learning Groove.

The Learning Groove is delighted to have trained teachers in Beijing China, Hong Kong China, Taiwan, Italy, Canada, Brazil, Poland, Qatar  Portugal and India. We are excited to serve children, families, and teachers around the world. If you are from another county please know that we welcome you. 

The Learning Groove's music and st are designed to realize a child's musical potential, energize language development, and support reading readiness. The same principles and experiences also support learning English as a second language  These include: 

1. joyful interactive literacy  

2. compelling repetition and call & response

3. sound exploration

4. playful language in songs

5. development of cadence and rhyme

6. creative expression with language

The Learning Groove is happy to provide additional support and content for our teachers in other countries.  We want to help you meet the educational goals of your families including the supporting the learning English as a second language. 

The Learning Groove in Being, China.

Thomas and Flo teaching The Learning Groove in Hong Kong.