Preschool Music Classes

Many wonderful preschools are too small to have a full time music teacher. So they hire an enrichment teacher who comes in about once a week and provides music and movement for their students.


These teachers are often working musicians or other arts professionals. They are generally very talented and well-intended but lack training in early music education. They also lack a research-based curriculum with high quality support materials. 


The Learning Groove has an exciting and pragmatic solution. We can train your enrichment teacher and provide them with a research-based curriculum and outstanding music.


Because we are created from an author and musician we integrate interactive musical literacy into our music programs. Therefore promoting music development,  language acquisition, and reading readiness. 


Mr. Michael teaches Mother Gooney Bird

Preschool Music Classes Training

  • Training: We train music and movement enrichment teacher. 

  • Curriculum: TLG provides a preschool music curriculum that is research-based and covers educational goals & objectives that are derived from state & federal standards for early music education. We also use interactive musical literacy to support many of the literacy goals for Preschool and Kindergarten presented by the IRA and NAEYC.

  • Awesome Music & Story Songs: TLG’s music is enjoyed by adults as much as the children. The curriculum includes over 20 styles of music on each CD, story songs, humor aimed towards adults and hip grooves.

  • Integrated Learning: Our Lyric and Activity Pages are a free resource for the school, classroom teachers and parents that facilitates seamless integration between the music class, the classroom and home.

  • Cost: The only cost is for music teacher training ($250) and the annual teacher license fee ($45 per year). Schools also have the option to purchase wholesale CDs.