Training and License Fees

TLG Online Training Includes:  Fee $250  


  • 25 hours of instructional video 

  • 10 hours of reading instruction

  • All TLG songs (over 200 mp3s)

  • TLG teacher tracks  

  • Detailed activity descriptions  

  • Training videos for each song

  • Includes one free year of the Annual TLG Yearly License Fee


Annual TLG Yearly License Privileges:


  • Offer TLG Parent & Child Music & Movement classes

  • Offer TLG Preschool Classes in schools

  • Present TLG songs in live performances

  • Access the TLG training website

  • Access to TLG teacher forum and peer support groups

  • Access to newly created training content (example new TLG training videos)

  • Access to newly created product content (example new TLG CD or songs)

Annual TLG Yearly License Fees: Based on the number of classes offered per week  


  • Up to 10 classes per week $ 100 

  • Up to 20 classes per week $ 200 

  • Over 20 classes, individualized pricing needed (you're big time!) 

Choose the rate based on the number of classes you plan to teach. If you think you will offer 10 classes a week or less then choose the $100 fee. If things go wonderfully and you teach over 10 classes a week then send us a payment for an additional $ 100 dollars. If you plan to offer 15 classes a week then start at the $ 200 level. If it grows bigger than 20 classes per week then contact us and we will work out a fair price for you. Nice and easy. 

Mandatory CD and Product Fees: $ 0 


  • We don't have them.

  • Your parents may purchase CDs, or download them, or stream the music.

  • Please give them all the options.

TLG Online Training Fee:  $250


  • Includes 25 hours of video and 10 hours of reading instruction

  • All TLG songs & teacher tracks  (over 200 mp3s - worth over $150)

  • Detailed activity descriptions and training videos for each song

  • Free Online Resources for Families (lyrics, activities, coloring pages, videos, sheet music & more)

  • Includes one free year of a Basic License (see below)


Annual License Fees: The Learning Groove offers two license options, the Basic License and the Flex License.  Both options are available for individual teachers, businesses, libraries, schools and non-profits.  Both licenses allow you to:


  • Offer TLG Parent & Child Music & Movement Classes (provided you've completed training)

  • Teach TLG Preschool Curriculum in schools

  • Present TLG songs in live performances

  • Access the TLG training and support website

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