Teaching FAQs

Below are the answers to the most commonly asked questions. You can also learn more at our school https://the-learning-groove.teachable.com

What can a music enrichment teacher do?

A music enrichment teacher may offer: 

  • Parent and Child Music and Movement Classes 

  • Preschool Music and Movement Classes 

  • Live Interactive Performances (birthday parties, schools, etc.) 

What if I am not a professional musician?

No worries. Teachers come from varied backgrounds and experiences. You do not need to play an instrument (though that is a bonus!), but you do need to be able to sing in pitch & stay in a consistent rhythm.

Can I be hired by TLG?

No. We provide training, curriculum, and songs and stories.

  • Teachers can offer their own parent and child classes using The Learning Groove songs and stories.

  • Teachers can be hired by a businesses and offer their own classes using The Learning Groove songs and  stories.

  • Teachers can be hired by preschools as a music and movement enrichment teacher. 


What are the qualifications to take TLG teacher training? The training can be taking by anyone. However, we suggest:

  • Experience in teaching or working with young children

  • Basic music competence - you don't need to play an instrument (though that is a bonus), but you must be able to keep a pitch and basic rhythms

  • Fun, silly, caring and energetic personality 

  • A great attitude


What are Parent and Child Music and Movement Classes?

Parent and child music and movement classes are designed for parents and children ages newborn to four.  In each weekly class we sing, dance, play instruments, laugh, listen, jam along, march, chant, clap, wiggle, use rich language, explore and learn. Our training also emphasizes music and language development. 


What do children learn in music and movement classes using The Learning Groove songs and stories?

  • Music Skills

  • Language Development

  • Motor Coordination

  • Preschool Readiness

  • Creative Expression

  • Cultural Awareness

  • Interpersonal Skills

  • Love and Happiness

What does TLG training provide for teachers? 

  • Comprehensive Training

  • Developmentally Designed Music & Movement Curriculum

  • All TLG songs & teacher tracks (over 200 mp3s)

  • Community Support


What is the TLG Preschool Music and Movement Curriculum?

The TLG Preschool Music and Movement curriculum is a professional way to offer music and movement enrichment in preschools. All our songs and activities are interactive and promote educational goals and objectives. The TLG Preschool Music and Movement Curriculum provides:

  • A two year syllabus

  • Awesome award-winning music

  • Integration with the classroom & the home


What do I do as a Preschool Music Teacher?

A preschool music teacher is a specialist that visits a school one or two days a week for 2-3 hours and leads music classes with the children and their classroom teachers.  You sing, dance, shake egg shakers and much more, and then you provide parents a list of songs you've been singing so that they can continue and support the children's music education.  Usually you are paid hourly by a preschool.


Fees & Expenses:

  • Props and Instruments ($250-$450) - If you are offering your own Parent & Child classes or birthday parties, you will have to purchase your own props & instruments.

  • Training Fee: $250


How do I get trained?

  1. Visit our school and enroll. Then sign up for the training. https://the-learning-groove.teachable.com


How long does the training take?

Preschool:  You can start teaching in preschools right away and complete training on your own time. We estimate about 10 hours of training.


Have more questions?

Contact Jennifer and ask away!