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Baby Blue
By Michael Levine



Go to sleep 

Close your eyes 

Do not fear 

Daddy’s here 

Dream sweet dreams 

Though the night 

Do not fear 

Mommy’s here 

Daddy’s here.

Night has come 

Lights go out 

We love you 

Baby blue



Call & Response: Sing the song with your child and have them echo you. The melody spells out arpeggios of each chord in the song to train childrens’ ears to recognize this basic musical building block.  


Sing the Lullaby at Bedtime: Tuck your little one in and sing them this beautiful lullaby.

Sing to a Doll: You and your child can sing the song to a doll, pretending the doll is your child’s baby. Rock the doll back and forth in yours or your child’s arms.





Coloring Page & Sheet Music

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