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Award Winning Music


We have six award winning and educationally designed CDs which are perfect for Parent & Child Music Classes, preschool through 2nd grade classrooms & for families at home.  Each CD includes classic and traditional children's songs as well as our own groovy original tunes.  Each CD has over 20 styles of music, many instruments, a variety of keys, melodies & rhythms and an interactive educational activity for every song. Plus, the music is loved by parents!

Purchase The Learning Groove CDs


The Learning Groove uses a third party, print on demand, CD service named TrepStar to provide you with physical CDs.

Click here to purchase our CDs for personal use:

Click here to purchase our CDs wholesale (more than 5 copies):

Stream/Download The Learning Groove Music

You can stream The Learning Groove music from your preferred streaming service. The key to finding our music are the key words to place in their search engine. Here are suggested search words to use: 

Search Terms:  The Learning Groove, Mr. Eric and Mr. Michael, Eric Litwin and Michael Levine, Rocking Red, Bouncy Blue, Groovy Green, Yummy Yellow, Outrageous Orange, Perfectly Purple. 

Streaming Links: For your convenience we have provided some popular links for streaming services below. However, the links often change and therefore some may not be working. 

The Learning Groove amazing children's music and preschool music

New Music CD!

Released March 15th 2022 

ClassicalCdVolume1-Front 3-25-2018.jpg

Oh no! The classical composers forgot to write words to most of their songs. Don't worry! We wrote the words for them. Join Eric Litwin and Michael Levine on a hysterical, sing and dance along, musical introduction to classical music for young children. Listen to the music and find your favorite streaming platform here:

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