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I Like My Violin
By Eric Litwin and Michael Levine



I like my violin 
I like the way it sounds 
Sometime it’s up 
Sometimes it’s down 
Sometimes it’s happy 
Sometimes it’s sad 
Sometimes it’s fast 
Sometimes it’s slow 
Sometimes it’s loud 
Sometimes it’s soft 
I like my violin 
I like the way it sounds





Active Listening: As you listen to the CD, sing the violin melodies with a “la” syllable and pretend to play the violin. 

Explore Music with Violins: Ask your little one if they would like to hear other music with violins. Listen to classical music with violins and folk music with a fiddle. 

Color in the Picture: Color the picture of the violin in the TLG Groovy Green coloring book.

Coloring Page & Sheet Music

(Click image below to view, print or download)

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