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It Started With An Elephant
By Michael Levine



Bom, bom bom, bom bom bom bom
Bom, bom bom, bom bom bom bom
Bom bom
(Elephant sound)
Baa baa baa baa
Bok bok bok
Meow meow meow




Option 1: Play the CD (Sing Along)
Play the CD track so your child can hear all of the parts at once and then sing one part at a time along with the CD.  The song is short, so you can repeat it 2 or 3 times. Each time, sing one part all the way through, like baa baa, bok bok or meow meow.  This way, your child can learn to hear all of the musical layers.

Option 2:  Assign Parts (Stretchy Band or Sing Along)
Assign one animal & its melody to your child, while you take a different one.  If you have a group, assign different parts to each person. Then sing the song (a cappella or with the CD) and try to keep all the different parts going at the same time.  After each “verse” lean back and shout out each animal sound - this is especially fun if you are using a stretchy band.


Coloring Page & Sheet Music

(Click image below to view, print or download)

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