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La Bamba
Traditional Mexican song, adapted by Eric Litwin and Michael Levine



Para bailar La Bamba (2x)
Se necesita
Una poca de gracia (2x)
Para mi, para ti
Ay arriba arriba (2x)
Por ti sere (3x)

Bamba la Bamba (3x)

When you dance La Bamba (2x)
All you need is to
Clap your hands now (2x)
Happily, so happily, so happily


When you dance La Bamba (2x)
All you need is to
Jump around now (2x)
Happily, so happily, so happily






Direction Dance: Play the CD and do the activities mentioned in the song (dance around, jump around) or sing it a cappella and take suggestions for different activities to do on each verse (dance around, jump around, fly around, shake around, twirl around, march around, etc.). For the choruses, just dance in place.  


Make up Your Own Dance Move: For extra fun, before the song begins, you can ask your child to make up a dance move that you’ll call “La Bamba!”  Then do that dance move for the choruses throughout the song.  If your child has trouble coming up with something, just suggest your own, like bopping your head, touching your toes, waving your arms in the air, doing the twist, anything you want!


Geography: Explain to your child that this song originated in Mexico. Find a world map and point out different countries in which Spanish is spoken, such as Mexico, Spain and in South and Central America.

Coloring Page & Sheet Music

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