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La Cucaracha
Traditional, lyrics adapted by Eric Litwin and Michael Levine



La cucaracha, la cucaracha 

La la la la la la la 

La cucaracha, la cucaracha 

La la la la la la la 

La la la... 

La gallina, la gallina 

La la la la la la la 

La gallina, la gallina La la la la la la la 

Bok bok bok... 

El gato, el gato 

La la la la la la la 

El gato, el gato 

La la la la la la la 

Meow meow meow.





Learn Animal Names in Spanish (language & culture development – ages 2-5): Ask your child to suggest different animals to sing about, and then teach the Spanish name for that animal. Then sing the song together. You could also look at pictures of animals while singing to further reinforce the lesson. 

Here are some Spanish names for animals: 

The bird – el pajaro 

The cat – el gato 

The chicken – la gallina (could also be el pollo, though this tends to refer to cooked chicken) 
The cow – la vaca 

The dog – el perro 

The duck – el pato 
The elephant – el elefante 

The fish – el pez 

The frog – la rana 

The giraffe – la jirafa 

The horse – el caballo 

The lion – el león 
The monkey – el mono 

The pig – el cerdo 

The rabbit – el conejo 

The tiger – el tigre 

Here’s a nice link with animal names in Spanish: 

Sing To Your Child (bonding and rhythm & pitch development -- babies): Sing happily to your child while making eye contact. Tap the beat on your child’s body. The more you smile, touch & interact with your child, the more they will learn. The more silly you are with the animal sounds, the more your child will laugh & learn! 

Waltz (bonding, rhythm & motor development – all ages): This song is in a _ waltz time signature. Try waltzing around the room as you sing & listen to the song. You could have your child stand on your feet as you dance, and babies can be carried.

Coloring Page & Sheet Music

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