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La La La
By Eric Litwin



La la la 

La la la la la la la 

Shake shake shake 

La la la la la la la

Fly fly fly 

La la la la la la la

Jump, jump, jump! 

La la la la la la la





Direction Dance: Dance to the moves suggested in the song, and take suggestions for new moves, such as twirl, run, dance, wiggle, clap, hop, swim, etc.

Sticks: Play sticks to the beat. Swap out dance words with activities you can do with sticks such as ski, fly or tweet (bird), zoom (airplane), roll, snap (alligator), bleep (alien- sticks like antennae on head) jump, tap, hop, row, etc.

Lap song: Put your child on your lap and swap out bounce, lean, rock (back & forth), fly (lift child overhead), tickle, wiggle, kiss, hug, etc.

Coloring Page & Sheet Music

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