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Mother Gooney Bird



One wing, ready now! 

Mother Gooney Bird had seven chicks, 

And seven chicks had Mother Gooney Bird 

And they couldn’t walk, 

And they couldn’t talk, 

But they all could go like this... 

Two wings, ready now!  CHORUS 

Two wings, one foot, ready now!  CHORUS 

Two wings, two feet, ready now!  CHORUS 

Two wings, two feet, one head, ready now!






Sing & Dance (Rhythm, pitch & motor development – ages 1-5): Play the CD or sing a cappella. For the first verse, make a chicken wing by tucking your right hand into your armpit, and flap to the beat. For the second verse, add your left arm. 3rd verse, add a tapping foot or leg. 4th verse, add the other foot or leg. 5th verse start shaking and bopping your head while keeping the rest going!

Coloring Page & Sheet Music

(Click image below to view, print or download)

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