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On This Train
By Michael Levine



On this train you're gonna have fun 

There is love all around you 

Oh, this train will come when you call 

Let it guide you home 

Open the door 

Step inside 

Ring the bell 

And wave goodbye 

Let's all go on a magical ride 

We're going to the ______ (1. zoo; 2. park)





Egg Shaker Song (Sit down): Listen to the song on the CD and shake your shakers or other instruments  while singing.  

Direction Dance with Egg Shakers (Stand up):  Sing this song a cappella, without the CD, so you can sing the choruses together and take suggestions for where to go next before each verse, such as the zoo, the park, school, Grandma’s house, even go to the moon!

Choruses: Walk around in a circle, shake your eggs and sing the chorus.

Verses:  Step forward for “step inside.” Shake your egg up high for “ring the bell.”  Wave the egg side to side for “wave goodbye.”  Shake to the beat for the rest of the verse and sing “we’re going to _____ (the place you chose).”  For variety, you can change directions (“The park - that’s in the other direction!”), go slower (“That’s uphill” and pretend to strain) or go faster (“That’s downhill” or “I can’t wait – let’s hurry up!”).

Transportation: Take this opportunity to learn about other modes of transportation, and ask for suggestions, such as trains, planes, cars, wagons, spaceships, rockets, helicopters, buses, skateboards, scooters, motorcycles, bicycles, etc. Sing, “In this car, you’re gonna have fun,” etc.

Coloring Page & Sheet Music

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