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Roll With The Waves
Music by Michael Levine, lyrics by Eric Litwin and Michael Levine



Rolling, rolling; roll with the waves. 

Come now with me to my boat on the sea 

We'll bounce on the waves in the cool summer breeze 

Sometimes the boat, it will rock to & fro 

So we let out the sail and away we go! Oh we are.. 

Rolling, rolling; roll with the waves. 

Deep in the ocean there swim(s) a blue whale 

Watch as he moves with a swoosh of his tail 

All of the fishies get out of his way 

Splashing about, you can hear the fish say that we are... 

Rolling, rolling; roll with the waves.





Roll Balls (motor coordination & rhythm development – all ages): Play the CD and roll a ball back & forth with your child. For younger children, this will help develop their motor coordination. For older children, you can encourage them to roll to the rhythm.


Dance (rhythm & motor coordination – all ages): Dance to the the music! You can also dance with scarves if you have them. It can also be fun to “roll” your hands (as in the popular movement to “The Wheels On The Bus”) during the choruses.


Jam (rhythm, motor coordination, exploring instrument sounds – all ages): Get instruments and jam with the music!

Coloring Page & Sheet Music

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