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Shake With You
By Eric Litwin



I’m gonna shake my shaker by my knee
I’m gonna shake my shaker by my knee 

I’m gonna shake my shaker; yes it’s true 

I’m gonna shake my shaker with you.



Egg Shaker Song (A Cappella): Shake that egg to the beat. Shake it by the body parts mentioned in the song. Take suggestions for new places to shake your shaker on each verse, such as on your knee, toes, elbows, shoulders, head, legs, arms, belly, etc.  If you don’t have egg shakers at home, use any toy that makes a noise when you shake it, such as a rattle, or any other children’s instrument, like maracas.

Egg Shaker Song (with the CD): If you play the CD, then you can’t take suggestions, but you can have fun shaking and listening to the song on the CD.

Anatomy/ Color in the Picture: Color the picture of “Shake with You” in the coloring page, using this opportunity to teach your child about anatomy by pointing to different parts of the body on the coloring book page or have them color in just the knees, toes, ears and belly, as depicted in the song.

Art Project: Make your own egg shaker!  Take an old pill bottle, like Tylenol or one from the pharmacy. Make sure it’s empty.  Add pennies (or beans or rice...), close the cap and voila!  You just made your own shaker!

Coloring Page & Sheet Music

(Click image below to view, print or download)

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