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The Beat Bus
By Eric Litwin and Michael Levine



The bus, the bus, 

We’re riding on the bus
The bus, the bus
We’re riding on the bus

Riding with my mommy m-o-m-m-y
Riding with my daddy d-a-d-d-y



Beep With Your Child: Pretend you are on the beat bus together. Then call out rhythm patterns with the word “beep” to your child. Have them echo the beeps back to you. This develops their listening skills and rhythm awareness. 

Make Stuff Up: With your child, make up funny bumper stickers and the reasons to beep your horn (for example, “honk if you love flying turtles!”). You can also ask your child to choose different vehicles to ride on, and chant (for example, “The train, the train, we’re riding on the train”). 

Keep a Beat: Alternate patting your laps and clapping to the beat while chanting the song.

Coloring Page & Sheet Music

(Click image below to view, print or download)

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