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This Little Piggy
Traditional, lyrics adapted by Eric Litwin, Marian Sanderson and Michael Levine



This little piggy went to market 

This little piggy went home 

This little piggy had roast beef 

And this little piggy had none 

And this piggy went Oogedy, Boogedy,Boo all the way home 

(wee, wee, wee all the way home)




Lap Song: Put your child on your lap as you sing.  Touch each finger to accompany the little piggy (toes) and then tickle them for “oogedy, boogedy boo!”

Tickle Me: Every time you tickle your child, say, “oogedy, boogedy boo!” Even if you don’t sing the whole song, just do it any time the mood strikes you to tickle your child!

Dance: Play the song on the CD and make up some dance moves to the hip hop grooves!

Coloring Page & Sheet Music

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