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Tippy Toe (Sylvia Pizzicato)
Based on the Pizzicato from the Ballet Sylvia by Léo Delibes
Adapted by Eric Litwin and Michael Levine



A tippy tippy tippy tippy toe and stop...

Fly, and then we fly (4x)


Direction Dance: Tip-toe around the room and stop!  For the second section, pretend to fly by flapping your arms like wings or locking thumbs and making a butterfly with your hands. Pausing when we say the word, “stop” is also a good learning activity for following instructions and breaking between activities.

Tickle Me: Instead of saying the word, “tippy,” substitute the word, “tickle.” Every time you tickle your child, sing, “Tickle tickle tickle tickle toe and stop.” You don’t have to do the second section with the flying part. Even if you don’t sing the whole song, just do it any time the mood strikes you to tickle your child!

Lap Song: Same as above, tickle during the “tippy toe” part and fly like an airplane during the second section.  Lie down on you back with your feet up in the air and place your child’s belly on top of your flat feet to make them “fly!”

Listen to the Original Music: Listen to the original classical music (Pizzicato from Leo Delibes’ Classical Ballet, Sylvia). Put it on during chores or before naptime to get your child in a sleepy mood!

Introduce your child to the Ballet: Take your child to a kid-friendly ballet, such as The Nutcracker and make the correlation that the “Tippy Toe” song is also from a classical ballet.  See if you can make up a dance to the song in the style of ballet.


Coloring Page & Sheet Music

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