Teach Your Own
Early Childhood Music ClassEs

Teaching your own early childhood music enrichment classes is a joyful way to earn extra income, help children learn, and do what you love. Perfect for preschool and parent & child music classes.  Our online training, educational songs and stories, and integrated curriculum will empower you to become a great music teacher! 

We are a research informed music program created by the bestselling author of Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes (Eric Litwin) and an award-winning musician (Michael Levine). So we are focused on both early music education and early language development for all children. This is part of what makes us so unique.

When you take our online training you join our community of teachers. We connect with each other through our teacher Facebook page and our teacher forum. We help each other. We share ideas and have a common mission. 

Because of our focus on music and literacy, we have been embraced by teachers across the world who are using our classes to teach music and support children learning English as a second language. And we think this is wonderful! 

We would love to provide you the training, curriculum, and educational songs and stories that will help your students reach their full music and language potential. 

Ready to learn more! Please visit and enroll in our school. It is free to enroll and then you can see the training we offer. There are many free previews to help you make an informed decision. 

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Training Overview

TLG provides a flexible & powerful online training program: 

  • All content is online and available at your own schedule​. 

  • 10 hours of video instruction and supportive text

  • Detailed activity descriptions and training videos for each song

  • Training cost $ 250 

  • All TLG songs & teacher tracks  (over 200 mp3s - worth over $150)

  • No material fees

  • No license fees

  • No yearly fees 

TLG Training will teach you: 


  • How to lead TLG songs and activities

  • How to present interactive literacy

  • Basic music theory for early childhood

  • Early language development awareness 

  • Dynamic teaching techniques 

  • Effective classroom management

  • Business & promotion skills

Ongoing TLG support includes:

  • Community forum and Facebook page

  • Continued access to training resources

If you are interested in taking TLG Teacher Training please enroll in our school to learn more. There are many free preview videos so you can make an informed decision. 

Teacher Earning Potential

Preschool Music and Movement

Enrichment Teachers: 


Preschools generally pay between $25 to $50 dollars per hour for a freelance music teacher.  You generally visit once a week and typically work two to three hours at the school. Many teachers will work with several preschools and have their Monday preschool, Tuesday preschool, etc. 


Parent and Child Music and Movement Teachers: 


Teachers who offer their own parent and child classes generally make between $40 to $125 per hour. The more classes you offer the greater your earning potential. Income varies based on:


  • the number of students per class

  • the number of classes per session

  • the fee you charge students​

  • the amount you pay for rent 

Live Performances: 


Performing artists at schools, festivals and birthday parties often earn between $100 and $450 per performance.

* * These figures vary based on geographic location and other economic variables. They are provided only to give an overarching concept based on the experiences of our teachers. * *

Amber GaleaFormer Librarian, Mommy, Greenville, NC

"I teach early music because I love educating families.  It fascinates me to see kids express themselves and show off new skills through music and movement."

Meet Some Teachers

We would like you to meet some of our teachers who have taken our training and hear what they have to say.

April Groom 

Photographer, Musician, Mommy 

Bend, OR


"I started with The Learning Groove at the very beginning! I photographed Mr. Michael teaching a class, got really energized and exclaimed 'I want to do what you do!'  I love my families, and they come back session after session!  I enjoy seeing the children develop and grow to love music.  I enjoy the good vibes, the smiles, and the laughter.  The Learning Groove training allows me the flexibility to teach while pursuing my photography career. It also gives me the flexibility to have time with my preschool-aged son and enjoy time with my family. I LOVE being a teacher. I love The Learning Groove! "

Jennifer Daniels 

Singer Songwriter, Mommy 
Chattanooga, TN


"As a touring songwriter, teaching music gives me a wonderful way to stay immersed in my music and my community while raising my own children.  Each of the 6 TLG CDs is designed to aid several specific learning goals, and they sound great (something you don't always get in kids' music).  Training was inexpensive compared to other music and movement programs, and it was thorough.  I felt well equipped to launch into my own classes, and have steadily added students since I began.  Plus, the TLG family is supportive, always ready to offer advice, answer questions, and pass on performance and teaching opportunities."  

Heather Gebhardt

Former Kindergartern Teacher, Mommy

Rockwall, TX


"For as far back as I can remember, I have always been singing.  I was that kid who had a "microphone" (aka hairbrush) in hand, singing in front of the mirror to a Helen Reddy record.  While teaching music classes, I get to enjoy one of my favorite things (music) with some of my favorite people (children).  I love being part of something that gives kids a vehicle to be creative.  And while it is a great time and lots of fun, I know the music is providing so much more for them - cultural experiences, exposure to different rhythms, rhymes, a safe place to take risks in sharing their thoughts and ideas - and, pleasantly, I find I'm learning right along with them."

Thomas Vinton

Musician, Music Teacher, Daddy

Hong Kong, China 


"I love The Learning Groove songs because they offers a perfect mix of classic folk tunes and original contemporary music. The curriculum, based on solid research in early childhood music, gives me a strong base and frees me up to be in the moment with the families who come to class. TLG songs are also great for special events like birthday parties and school assemblies because the repertoire can work across a wide age range. I've started experimenting with music classes focusing on English as an additional language, and the early results are very promising!"

Michael Levine 

Musician, Producer, Performer, Teacher (Co-Creator of The Learning Groove)

Atlanta, GA


"I love teaching my music classes.  I used to teach for another company at an hourly rate, but by starting my own classes and building my clientele, my hourly income has tripled!  In the mornings I teach parent & child classes, preschool music classes & perform concerts for schools.  On weekends I often perform for birthday parties, festivals & concerts.  (Not to mention running The Learning Groove with Eric, and creating CDs & training!)  Teaching music also gives me the flexibility to pursue my singer-songwriter career & spiritual music as well."