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Preschool Music & Language Enrichment Classes

Many wonderful preschools are too small to have a full time music teacher. So they hire an enrichment music teacher who comes in about once a week and provides music and movement for their students.


These teachers are often working musicians or other arts professionals. They are generally very talented and well-intended but lack training in early music education. They also lack a research-based curriculum with high quality support materials. 


The Learning Groove has an exciting and pragmatic solution. We train enrichment music teacher and provide them with a research-based curriculum and outstanding music.


Because we are created from an author and musician we integrate interactive language development into our music training and songs. We promote music development, language acquisition, and reading readiness. 

Parent & Child Music & Language Enrichment Classes


Parent and child music classes using The Learning Groove songs and stories are a joyful educational experience for your little learners. Children sing, dance, play instruments, shake eggs, beat drums, call and respond, clap, tap, laugh, skip, jump, pretend and learn!

Children also engage in musical interactive read-alongs in which they hear stories, sing, move, repeat words, rhyme and delight in books. 


Children develop their rhythm, pitch and melody, language skills, motor coordination, interpersonal skills, cultural awareness and preschool and reading readiness!


Research has shown that children who recieve early music instruction have increased overall academic achievement.  And that children who engage in meaningful language and literary experiences are more prepared for school and reading.

Best of all, it is BIG FUN! 

Learning English as a Second Language

The Learning Groove songs and stories in Being, China.

Thomas and Flo teaching The Learning Groove songs in Hong Kong.

The Learning Groove's music and training empowers you to joyfully integrate music and language together and help build your students language and reading foundation. These ideas are based on research and can be found in Eric Litwin's book (co-authored with Dr. Gina Pepin) called The Power of Joyful Reading

The Learning Groove is delighted to have trained teachers in Beijing China, Hong Kong China, Taiwan, Italy, Canada, Brazil, Poland, Qatar, Portugal, and India. We are excited to serve children, families, and teachers around the world. If you are from another county please know that we welcome you. 

The Learning Groove's songs and stories are designed to realize a child's musical potential, energize language development, and support reading readiness. The same principles and experiences also support learning English as a second language  These include

1. joyful immersion in language

2. exploration of sounds within words  

3. language usage and adaptation

4. vocabulary development

5. cadence and rhyme

6. creative expression with language

The Learning Groove is happy to provide additional support and content for our teachers in other countries.  We want to help you meet the educational goals of your families including the supporting the learning English as a second language. 

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