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Dreaming Child
By Michael Levine, adapted by Eric Litwin and Michael Levine



Just a simple lullaby, time has come to close your eyes. 

Tucked into your beddy-bye, snuggle in to say good night. 

Stars are dancing in the sky like a skater floating on the ice. 

Oh, how I love my beautiful child 

Snuggling tight, close your eyes. 

Making me proud, oh how I love 

My dreaming child. 




Bedtime Lullaby: Sing the song (a cappella or with the CD) to your child at bedtime.

Sing to a Doll: You & your child can sing the song to a doll, pretending the doll is your child’s baby. Rock the doll back & forth in yours or your child’s arms. 

Color in the Picture: Color the picture of Dreaming Child in your TLG Groovy Green coloring book. 


Coloring Page & Sheet Music

(Click image below to view, print or download)

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