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Isn't It Grand?
By Michael Levine and Eric Litwin



Walking along with my Mom
Walking along with my Dad
Walking along, walking along
Isn’t it grand to walk along with the band?

Jumping along with my Mom
Jumping along with my Dad
Jumping along, jumping along
Isn’t it grand to jump along with the band?

Flying along with my Mom
Flying along with my Dad
Flying along, flying along
Isn’t it grand to fly along with the band?






Sing Along: Play the song on the CD and sing along or sing it a cappella without the CD.  Make up verses while doing chores or other activities around the house, such as “Cleaning up toys with my Mom,” or “Grilling outside with my Dad,” etc.

Direction Dance: Walk (with a fun swagger) in a circle or around the house and sing.  Then skip, jump, march, fly, twirl, hop, run, dance, wiggle, etc.

Lap Song:  Lap songs are a great opportunity for parent/ child bonding.  Place your child on your lap and sing verses such as rocking along, bouncing along, hugging along, etc.

Stick Song: If you have rhythm sticks at home or any type of sticks, start by “clicking along…”, then you can ski, run, row, jump, hop (put sticks like rabbit-ears over head- “let’s be a bunny rabbit”), roll, snap (“let’s be an alligator”), zoom (like an airplane), fly (like bird’s wings flapping), drum (on the floor), etc.

Instrument Play: If you have any children’s instruments at home, you can also do this song with instruments and let your child try to play an instrument to the beat while singing.  Pretend you’re part of the band in the song and sing, “Isn’t it grand to play along with the band.”

Coloring Page & Sheet Music

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