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Moving In A Circle
By Eric Litwin



Oh yeah, walking in a circle, oh yeah 

Oh yeah, walking in a circle, oh yeah 

Walking in a circle, 

Round and round 

Clap your hands 

And stomp the ground 


Oh yeah, walking in circle, oh yeah. 

Oh yeah, jumping in a circle, oh yeah... 

Take a baby step towards the middle (echo) 

Take a baby step back again (echo) 

Say ooh (Ooh!) 

Say aah (Aah!) 
Ooh ooh (Ooh ooh!) 

Aa aah (Aah aah!) 


Oh yeah, turning in a circle, oh yeah.





Sing & Dance (Rhythm, pitch & motor development – ages 1-5): Walk in a circle to the beat and sing. Be sure to clap hands and stomp the ground during those lines. Then simply follow the words of the song. Jump to the beat during the jump verse. Turn (twirl) during the turn verse. During the bridge, echo the ooo and aaah and raise your hands up slowly from down low for the big sweeping “ooooaaaah.” 

Drawing Shapes (creativity, geometry, artistic development – ages 1-5): Have your child draw shapes on blank paper while singing “Drawing in a circle, oh yeah” or “Drawing in a square, oh yeah,” etc.

Coloring Page & Sheet Music

(Click image below to view, print or download)

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